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Work samples

Feel free to use any of the following documents for your own needs.  They are samples of work product developed over the years.  New items be added periodically.  
Community impact statement (.pdf) - The Aglaea School (fictional)

Dealing With Financial Stress (.pdf) - 4 case studies written for NAIS in the wake of the 2008 financial scare.

Endowment unitization (.xlsx) - spreadsheet with sample data
Endowment unitization (.pdf) - instructions

Enrollment, financial aid, and diversity (.xlsx) - tracks re-enrollment status, financial aid, and diversity according to NAIS categories.  This sample is for a day school with grades 9-12.  An equivalent spreadsheet for a boarding/day school is available upon request.

Form EEO-1 & NAIS personnel survey (.xlsx) - creates both reports from one set of data

Fund accounting and GAAP - why both are important

Investment report (.xlsx) - quarterly report to the Investment Committee which tracks changes in the investment portfolio

Long-range financial model (.xls) - spreadsheet
Long-range financial model

Operating Budget with Sensitivity - sample (.xlsx) - spreadsheet

Red Flags in the Business Office - from the NAIS Bulletin


The Balancing Act (.pdf) - written for the NBOA listserv

The Hill School Athletic Center (.pdf) - case study

Trustee Guide to the Operating Budget (.pdf) - written for NAIS
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